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IELTS Writing Linking Words (Connectors) - Master List

The key to a high-scoring essay is not just rich content and strong grammar, but also the seamless flow and clarity with which you present your thoughts. That’s where linking words, or connectors, come into play, weaving your ideas into a well-integrated narrative.

Whether you're arguing a point in your Writing Task 2 essay, or crafting a letter for Task 1, using a wide range of linking words can significantly boost the coherence and cohesion of your text. Our extensive list of connectors is designed for IELTS candidates seeking to enhance their writing skills and achieve a band score that truly reflects their language proficiency.

Unlock the full potential of your writing with our master list of IELTS linking words, thoughtfully categorized and rich with examples


  • Additionally: Additionally, applicants must submit a cover letter.

  • Furthermore: I love to travel; furthermore, I enjoy learning about new cultures.

  • Moreover: She has experience, and moreover, she has the right qualifications.

  • Also: He can also play the guitar.

  • As well as: Her favorite sports are tennis as well as swimming.

  • Not to mention: The hotel was beautiful, not to mention close to the beach.

  • Along with: She brought a pie along with some fresh fruit.

  • Besides: I don’t want to go to the party, and besides, I wasn’t even invited.

  • In addition: The price is fair, and in addition, the service is exceptional.

  • Plus: The car is very reliable, plus it’s great on gas.


  • However: He is very funny; however, he can be quite serious at times.

  • Although: Although it was raining, he walked without an umbrella.

  • On the other hand: I am excited about the trip; on the other hand, I’m worried about the expense.

  • Conversely: I'd like to eat out, but conversely, I should be saving money.

  • Instead: He did not rebuke his child; instead, he gave him a hug.

  • Nevertheless: It was cold and wet; nevertheless, the game continued.

  • Despite: Despite the bad weather, we had a good time.

  • Yet: She is a great team player, yet she works well independently.

  • On the contrary: I thought she would win; on the contrary, she came in last.

  • In contrast: She loves math; in contrast, her brother has always found it difficult.

Cause and Effect

  • Therefore: The study was flawed; therefore, the results were unreliable.

  • As a result: He scored well on the test, as a result, he got into his desired university.

  • Consequently: It rained heavily; consequently, the picnic was canceled.

  • Hence: He was absent on the day of the exam; hence, he failed the course.

  • Thus: The roads were icy; thus, the school decided to close for the day.

  • Because of: Because of the train delay, I missed my appointment.

  • Due to: The match was postponed due to heavy snow.

  • So: She's allergic to peanuts, so she has to read food labels carefully.

  • This means that: The road is closed. This means that we’ll have to take a detour.

  • Leading to: The malfunction led to a delay in production.


  • Similarly: Just as Rome was not built in a day, similarly, we need time to complete this project.

  • Likewise: He respects his colleagues and expects to be treated likewise.

  • Like: Like her mother, she has a keen interest in art.

  • Just as: Just as the sun rises every morning, we too must rise to our tasks.

  • Comparable to: His speed is comparable to that of a professional athlete.

  • Analogous to: Watching the stars, he felt analogous to an explorer.

  • Similarly to: Similarly to her sister, she has a flair for fashion.

  • As with: As with all his advice, it was wise and timely.


  • For instance: For instance, many endangered species are at risk because of habitat loss.

  • For example: Using renewable energy sources, for example, can significantly reduce pollution.

  • Such as: There are many activities to enjoy in the winter, such as skiing and skating.

  • Including: There are several risks including potential loss of investment.

  • Specifically: Specifically, you must follow these instructions to install the software.

  • To illustrate: To illustrate my point, let's consider the case of the honeybee.

  • Namely: This year has two leap months, namely the fourth and the ninth.


  • Importantly: Importantly, all participants must sign a consent form.

  • Indeed: The results were, indeed, remarkable.

  • Especially: She enjoys hiking, especially in the mountains.

  • Particularly: The instructions were particularly complex.

  • Notably: Notably, none of the students were late to the seminar.

  • Significantly: The new policy will significantly affect productivity.

  • Above all: Above all, keep yourself hydrated while hiking.

  • Most importantly: Most importantly, never lose sight of your goals.

  • Of course: Of course, we'll need to consider the costs.

  • Especially: Bring warm clothes, especially if you feel the cold easily.


  • Firstly: Firstly, let's go over the previous meeting's minutes.

  • Secondly: Secondly, we need to address the budget for next year.

  • Thirdly: Thirdly, staffing requirements must be assessed.

  • Next: Gather your materials; next, begin the experiment.

  • Then: Finish your homework; then, you can watch TV.

  • Afterward: We'll have lunch, and afterward, we can visit the museum.

  • Subsequently: He was promoted, subsequently taking over the department.

  • Finally: Finally, after months of preparation, the day of the launch arrived.

  • Last but not least: Last but not least, we must thank our sponsors.

  • Ultimately: Ultimately, the decision lies with the committee.


  • In conclusion: In conclusion, there are several benefits to implementing these changes.

  • To summarize: To summarize, we reviewed three key points in today's meeting.

  • In summary: In summary, the strategy proved to be highly effective.

  • Overall: Overall, the project was a resounding success.

  • To conclude: To conclude, I would like to express my gratitude to everyone.

  • Lastly: Lastly, we would like to remind participants to submit their feedback.

  • In closing: In closing, remember to check your email for updates.

  • To finalize: To finalize the process, please sign below.

  • To wrap up: To wrap up, I'll answer any remaining questions.

  • All things considered: All things considered, it's a favorable proposal.


  • Currently: Currently, the company is in the process of expanding.

  • Previously: Previously, we discussed the importance of marketing.

  • Formerly: The building was formerly used as a warehouse.

  • Eventually: He studied hard and eventually passed the exam with flying colors.

  • Subsequently: The snowstorm subsided and, subsequently, flights resumed.

  • Meanwhile: You start on the report; meanwhile, I'll work on the presentation.

  • Simultaneously: They worked simultaneously on different parts of the project.

  • Until: Continue stirring the mixture until it thickens.

  • Thereafter: Thereafter, the participants formed smaller discussion groups.

  • Presently: Presently, the research is being reviewed by the committee.

Comparison/Contrast or Clarification

  • In the same way: In the same way a teacher educates students, a mentor guides a protégé.

  • Similarly: Similarly, the new model offers increased efficiency.

  • In the same manner, In the same manner as his predecessor, he adheres to strict schedules.

  • By the same token: By the same token, reducing expenses will enhance our profitability.

  • Equally: This decision will affect all departments equally.

  • Just as: Just as we expected, the turnout was high.

  • As much as: As much as I enjoy hiking, I haven't had time to go recently.


  • That is to say: We have a stopover, that is to say, you'll have to switch planes.

  • In other words: It's a symbiotic relationship, in other words, both parties benefit.

  • To clarify: To clarify, only third-year students can apply for this program.

  • That is: You will be compensated, that is, we'll pay for your travel expenses.

  • Put another way: Put another way, the success of the project depends on teamwork.

  • To put it differently: To put it differently, the painting represents both hope and despair.

  • To rephrase: To rephrase, are you suggesting we postpone the launch?


  • If: If it rains, the game will be canceled.

  • Unless: Unless we act now, the opportunity will be lost.

  • Provided that: Provided that you complete the work on time, you'll receive full credit.

  • In the event that: In the event that you're late, please inform us.

  • As long as: You can borrow my car as long as you fill the tank.

  • Even if: Even if you disagree, you must abide by the decision.

  • In case: Always bring a map, in case your phone loses signal.

  • Supposing: Supposing the client agrees, when can we deliver?

Example or Emphasis

  • For instance: There are many historical cities to visit in Europe, for instance, Rome and Paris.

  • To illustrate: To illustrate the issue, consider the impact of deforestation on wildlife.

  • Namely: The club offers many amenities, namely a pool, a gym, and a sauna.

  • In particular: He loves fruits, in particular, apples and bananas.

  • Specifically: The warranty covers everything, specifically parts and labor.

  • To emphasize: To emphasize, please ensure the data is accurate.

  • Indeed: This is a very important point to consider, indeed.

  • In fact: The artist is, in fact, a close friend of mine.


  • Accordingly: Complete the form accordingly.

  • Consequently: He missed the deadline, and consequently, his submission was rejected.

  • Similarly: Similarly, her writing style is brief and to the point.

  • For example: Religions differ in practice; for example, some pray several times a day, others only on certain occasions.

  • To demonstrate: To demonstrate his commitment, he worked overtime without extra pay.


  • Yet: He is young, yet he has achieved a lot.

  • In spite of: In spite of the rain, the event was well-attended.

  • Though: Though he wasn't feeling well, he decided to participate in the race.

  • While: While I understand your concern, I believe this is the best course of action.

  • Although: Although the road was busy, we made good time.


  • Because: He’s tired because he worked late.

  • Since: Since we have enough resources, we should begin the project.

  • As: As the data was incomplete, the conclusions were questionable.

  • Given that: Given that we missed the deadline, we need a new strategy.

  • Considering: Considering her extensive experience, she’s the ideal candidate for the job.

  • Due to the fact that: Due to the fact that we received a generous grant, our research can continue.

  • Owing to: Owing to the budget cuts, we need to revise our plans.


  • In conclusion: In conclusion, the evidence overwhelmingly supports our theory.

  • To summarize: To summarize, three key points were discussed.

  • In sum: In sum, the proposal offers several noteworthy benefits.

  • To wrap up: To wrap up, I'd like to thank everyone for their participation.

  • In brief: In brief, we need to change our approach.

  • Overall: Overall, it's been a productive year for the company.

  • All in all: All in all, it was a fantastic concert.

  • To recap: To recap, make sure you understand the assignment before you begin.

  • In a nutshell: In a nutshell, the new policy will affect everyone in the department.


  • Then: Finish this task, then start on the next.

  • Afterwards: We'll have the meeting, and afterwards, we can discuss the matter privately.

  • Subsequently: He graduated in June, and subsequently found a job in July.

  • Soon after: The new model was released, and soon after, it became a best-seller.

  • Immediately: Immediately after the incident, the building was evacuated.

  • Wherever: Wherever you go, you’ll find people willing to help.

  • Whenever: Whenever I visit Paris, I feel like I'm in a dream.

  • While: While he was reading, the phone rang.

  • Meanwhile: He'll be here in an hour; meanwhile, let's get everything ready.