IELTS Essay General Task 1 Samples

While your friend was away on vacation, you stayed in his apartment. While you were there, you dropped an expensive bowl and broke it. Write a letter to your friend. In your letter - explain what happened - apologize for the accident - tell your friend what you plan to do about the bowl
Dear Richard, How are you? I hope that you, Jessica, and Adam have enjoyed your long vacation in Italy. I'm writing this letter to apologize for breaking your bowl while I was staying at your apartment. So, you are probably won...
You have just moved into a new home and are planning to hold a party. You are worried that the noise may disturb your neighbour. Write a letter to your neighbour. In your letter: - introduce yourself - describe your plans for the party - invite your neighbour to come
Dear Kathy, I’m Trinh, your new next-door neighbor in apartment 09, Block A. I have just moved in for a few months. First of all, I'm writing to say hi and tell you a little about myself. I am 22 years old. Currently, I’m workin...
A friend has agreed to look after your house and pet while you are on holiday. Write a letter to your friend. In your letter: - give contact details for when you are away - give instructions about how to care for your pet - describe other household duties
Dear Robert, Thank you for accepting my request to take care of home and pet during my vacation. I will be away from starting next monday and planning to stay for a week at my cousin home. Since we have not planned anything big,...
You have been offered a job that will require you to move to a city you have never visited before. You have a friend who lives there. Write a letter to your friend. In your letter: - Explain your situation - Say why you feel unsure about living in the city - Ask some questions about life in the city
Dear Alex, I am writing to you to let you know that I have received a job offer to work in Vancouver-BC, Canada. Once Ihave never been there and you live in the city for years, I was wondering whether you can help me with some in...